What to Expect

You must understand that symptoms are not the disease, they are generated by the body in its effort to fight for its health. Inflammation is mounted by the body in its effort to restore its balance. That’s my whole focus and why I like these methods since this is how they work and how you must work if you’re going to have any chance of success.

If you have any of the following health issues, the work I do may help. Many people suffer from these problems and have learned that modern medicine, particularly with its drug-based approach, cannot help.

      Headaches       Loose stool      Yeast or fungus problem      Numbness
      Neck Pain       Gas or bloating       Prostate problems      Nervousness
      Arm or shoulder pain       Heart trouble       Kidney/bladder problems      Depression
      Back pain       Heart palpitation       Lung/bronchial problems      Low energy
      Hip or leg pain       Circulatory troubles       Sinus trouble      Poor memory
      Swollen joints       High blood pressure       Stuffed nose      Cold/tingling extremities
      Abdominal pain       Anemia       Ear aches      Allergies
      Digestive problems       Female problems       Insomnia      Overweight
      Constipation       Hot flashes       Dizziness      Dental problems


Many people believed that when antibiotics came on the stage that infectious disease was done for. How wrong they were.

For local people I have other options including ear acupuncture and electro-meridian imaging — both powerful. These can be used as stand alone which will reduce costs as my full program is product intensive which increases costs.

My success rates have been high but decrease depending on the spectrum between a not-so-sick person and one who is severely compromised.