What is Air Pollution

The Growing Worldwide Amount of Air Pollution Causes Many Health Problems

Most medical professionals do not understand the severity of the health problems that are occurring and even if they did, they have no solutions to offer

Air Pollution and Your Health – Disabled World

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Article looks at the dramatic and sometimes debilitating effects of severe air pollution and how it can affect behavior and health.

Human Health: Air Pollution Still Kills – Nicholas School Blogs

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Tragic as the Donora event was, it was dwarfed by a five-day air pollution event in London called the Big Smoke or Great Smog of 1952 that killed an estimated 4,000 people (though as many as 8,000 more people may 

Air Pollution Kills More Than 2 Million People Every Year – ImaGeo

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This animation of two images captured by NASA’s Terra satellite shows the impact of different weather conditions on air quality over Beijing.

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What Is Air Pollution?

Soundslide created by the Environmental Research Group at King’s College London.

Environmental Studies – What is Air Pollution?

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