Most Common Causes of Fatigue: How You Can Come Out on Top

First, I’m going to describe all the current beliefs about fatigue. They’ll all involved but the main cause if because of environmental pollutants and their main cause of destruction is that they lead to mitochondrial dysfunction.

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Chronic fatigue, and its more severe counterpart, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), are not new diseases. These conditions have been known under a multitude of other names for many centuries.

In an effort to determine the causes of these conditions. Many causal-candidates have been discussed by doctors and the public alike.

In the late 1800’s the name neurasthenia surfaced as the primary descriptive term.

By the first World War, chronic fatigue was a common complaint in Europe and North America. Medical concepts have evolved since that time in an effort to understand the underlying causes of these conditions.

The broad term “neurasthenia” has evolved into an attempt to more narrowly define the condition, therefore new names have arisen:

* Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

* Fibromyalgia

* Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

* Post-Viral Infectious Fatigue

Unfortunately, the Medical Establishment has been unable to understand and define any of the causes of these different conditions and, therefore, there is no effective treatment available for the millions of sufferers.

Yet, all of the these conditions share a similarity of a constellation of symptoms:

* fatigue

* muscle weakness

* depression

* anxiety

* inability to cope with stress

* gastrointestinal disturbances

* pain

* inflammation

* balance difficulties

* and many other debilitating symptoms

The complexity of the symptom picture and the failure of medical tests, such as blood work-ups and MRIs, to detect anything wrong has led to a wasteland of continued suffering.

Modern Medicine has Been Unable to Define Specific Causes

The best that anyone can say about this whole syndrome of chronic fatigue is that it arises because of multiple agents acting at the same time. Naturally, this befuddles medicine who is used to the idea of “one cause/one disease.”

With medicine frozen in its tracks, many people turn to alternative ideas and alternative treatments. This road is fraught with hazards because there are so many quick-buck artists and frauds feeding on people’s suffering.

That being said, the only hope for fighting chronic fatigue is in the arena of alternative medicine. This includes the use of multiple plans of attack:

* appropriate exercise

* the judicious use of diet

* the most appropriate diet is low-carbohydrate

* yet this diet is maligned by the medical community

* the use of selected vitamins, minerals, and herbs

* unfortunately, the public is not trained in choosing these

* of course, medicine knows nothing of this due to its

  reliance on drugs

I have seen many people overcome their suffering from chronic fatigue but not because of medical treatment. Even the medical community understands that it has no effective therapies. This point is published in many medical journals.

But because of medicine’s need to squash any competing methods to health care, it ridicules any alternatives to what it offers.

The only hope, therefore, to the public is to find effective alternatives. They are out there but one needs to be careful in discovering what works and what does not work.


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