Now, Train Yourself in Advanced Methods to Improve Your Client’s Health

In today’s competitive environment for health coaches, personal trainers, and other coaches there are significant limitations in the offerings to help people improve their health.

The primary coaching methodology is related mostly to diet and exercise. Certainly these two topics are in no way clear-cut as there are so many opinions regarding both what to eat and what type of exercise to perform.

For example, the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, in New York, prides itself in that it teaches at least 100 different dietary protocols. Justification for this position is the notion that we’re all so different. Although this is a common belief that’s used as justification for the wildly varying numbers of programs in many different fields.

The truth of the matter, however, is that we don’t differ to the extent as argued. We all have two legs and two arms: I haven’t seen any three-legged humans in my lifetime. The diet stuff is pretty simple in that the optimal diet is dictated by our biochemistry not by the government or medical doctors.

Dr. Gregory Ellis has written many books including:

• Ultimate Diet Secrets
• Ultimate Diet Secrets lite
• There is No Fountain of Youth
• Spectrum Training
• Vitamin Mineral Hoax
• Net Carb Scam
• Maximum Muscle Growth
• The Glycation Factor
• Dr. Ellis’ Foolproof Weight Loss
• Autism Body Brain Connection

Energy Medicine is the Future of Health Care

The BiomedAcademy website has learning modules in its catalog of E-courses to train coaches.

We have 4 E-Courses for our Level 1 Certification. These include:

Module 1:

1. The health hazards of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs)
2. Mitochondrial dysfunction
3. Energy Medicine
4. Homeopathy
5. Drainage or detoxification
6. Metabolic Diseases Caused by POPs
7. All About Traditional Chinese Medicine and Electro-Meridian Evaluation as an Advanced Form of Acupuncture
8. Auriculotherapy or Ear Acupuncture
9. Expectations

Module 2:

1. Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

Module 3:

1. Body Composition

There is a body composition e-course and there is the body composition assessment program that Dr. Ellis setup on To access the body comp program for repeated use with your clients, you must be a member of the body composition site. The monthly recurring fee is $19.00. You can subscribe for this here.

Module 4:

1. Double Helix Water

Historically, physics has always recognized water in 3 phases: liquid (water), solid (ice), and gas (steam). Stable Water Clusters found in Double Helix Water are a previously undiscovered solid phase of water that remains stable at room temperature. Double Helix Water contains millions of these Stable Water Clusters suspended in ultra-pure water which are created by electrical pressure and make up a double helical molecule that has been verified by the use of an Atomic Force Microscope at the California Institute of Technology. The existence of Stable Water Clusters have been peer reviewed and published in the prestigious physics journal, “Physics Letter A” Oct. 2009 and have been the subject of research for over 17 years at major universities worldwide. Research suggests that Stable Water Clusters are triggering the body’s self healing capabilities at the gene level.

How Does a Person Begin to Choose What New Modalities to Use with Their Clients

Drainage is a good method to use to start the program for any new patients. It clears the system particularly the liver, the kidneys, and the lymphatic system.

We will also have specific protocols that we have developed over many years with our product sponsors.

This Training Will Dramatically Affect Your Bottom Line!

• Each Module Will Provide Additional Revenue to Your Existing Income
• The Learning Modules Teach the Basics so You Can Use These Methods Right Away with Your Existing Client Base
• Recruitment of New Clients Results from the Wide Variety of Health Options that You Now Provide

Go Beyond Diet and Exercise with Ground Breaking Information that Few People Know About

Offer Your Clients Something That Can Make a Dramatic Impact in their Lives

One of the best ways: BE DIFFERENT. BE SPECIAL. Talk about something conventional, in an unconventional way.

My clients have consistently told me that when they introduce the topic of environmental toxins to an audience, the room LIGHTS UP. Questions start flooding in and people are GRATEFUL to have someone finally broach this subject with them. They’re starving for someone to separate fact from fiction. When you do this, people are magnetized to you. They’re knocking on your door AND seeing you as the powerful resource that you are.

Study the module on homeopathy and especially on homotoxicology. This is exactly what this site teaches you about and that no one else teaches. Sure, people offer juice fasts, colon cleansing, and other useless methods that can’t get the job done. I’ve got things that immediately set you apart from everyone else, but most important, allow you to support people in ways that most practitioners don’t, (or can’t) because they don’t know what to do about eliminating environmental toxins!

Here’s the deal: Most people want to lose weight (even if they come to you for something else, or don’t want to admit it). For others, it’s the #1 thing they need support around. If any part of your work entails helping people with excess weight, insulin resistance, or diabetes, then this program will knock their socks off.

AND it just so happens to be on one of the most important topics around: the impact of environmental chemicals on our weight. Surefire way to grow your practice? Check!

Look at my book, Dr. Ellis’ Foolproof Weight Loss, on environmental pollution and weight control. When you buy any one of the courses you will get a FREE E-Book copy.

If You Are a Personal Trainer, Health Coach, or Lifestyle Coach, There are Many Possibilities for Providing Additional Assistance to Your Clients

One of the main health destroyers today is stress. All clients could use an assessment of their stress level. The heart rate variability evaluation is ideal for stress assessment. It is the best overall monitoring device available for stress assessment. There is an iphone ap for this as well as HRV,

The tools available from the BiomedAcademy serve as a framework for all coaching activities across a wide range of coaching styles.

One of the most important strategies in any coaching program is monitoring.

Take a look at the video below to find out more about Heart Rate Variability.

Another powerful tool is Body Composition Assessment. This program was developed by Dr. Gregory Ellis who developed all the formulas from data that he collected in his own laboratory during a 20 year span. The program goes way beyond calculating just body fat percent. Look at the video below for more details.

One of the main goals of the BiomedAcademy program is to introduce people to the hazards of environmental toxins. Important, the e-courses describe the problems associated with our exposure to these toxins which are so prevalent in our environment. In fact, there is extremely strong evidence that POP’s are the principal agents underlying the obesity epidemic.

This, of course, does not suggest that diet and exercise are not still important factors in the obesity epidemic. Another goal of the Academy is to teach health coaches and other coaches advanced methodologies that they can use with their clients to help eliminate the accumulated environmental toxins.

I only know of one health Coach who is exploring the hazards of environmental toxins but the main prescription used by this individual is to reduce your exposure to these toxins. That is a good idea but does almost nothing to get rid of the toxins that have accumulated in our bodies. You need advanced tools to do that and that’s what we teach through the work in our BiomedAcademy.

Check out this video on POPs:

The BiomedAcademy is looking for individuals or groups who are part of the health coach movement to participate in a joint venture. Our partners will participate in the monies generated from the sales of our products. The following video describes some of the details of the relationship between us and our joint venture partners:

Go to the above page to order any one of the modules.

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