Methods for Avoiding Homeopathic Healing Aggravations

Homeopathic remedies stimulate natural, healthy reactions in the body that lead to improvements in health. A key feature of using any homeopathic remedy is the possibility of an individual having an “aggravation” or “healing response.” This reaction could be an increase in an existing symptom or a new symptom. The reappearance of an old symptom is a good sign.

The Homeopathic Approach assists the body in improving health, but in the early months of work it’s actually a STRESS on the body, you may feel more tired at first.
Each person reacts according to his/her condition and genetic predisposition. For most individuals, reactions are non-existent or mild. Reactions are not injurious or dangerous. In fact, they are positive as long as they are managed properly. Sometimes, an individual will experience a strong reaction. This usually occurs in someone who’s more sensitive and has a low Vital Energy or Life Force. In either case, i.e., having reactions or not having reactions, the remedy will help stimulate improvements in health over time.

Vital Energy is that energy that gives the body life; it’s a force that animates inert matter. Stimulation of the Vital Energy is the primary aspect of homeopathic remedies. Recent discoveries in homeopathy indicate that barriers, or blockages, affect and impair the body’s innate healing capacity at the level of Vital Energy. This research also shows that environmental pollution is a very significant factor in reducing one’s health. The goal of the Homeopathic Approach is to activate the natural cleansing mechanisms of the body and assist in removing accumulated pollutants.

Everyone coming to me expects to feel better right away. I wish this always happened, but it doesn’t. In fact, people sometimes feel worse before they feel better. This is just the way it is. The Homeopathic program is a STRESS on the body and it takes energy to go through it. I try to increase the energy base in the body, but sometimes it takes several months before you feel an increase in energy. Usually, most people feel better by month 4 or 5. Many feel better the first month. I cannot predict your individual response to this program.

In general, I work monthly and use specific Detoxosodes per month along with Support and Drainage remedies. The goal of the program is to use all of the Detoxosodes necessary to assist you in improving your health. Metals, Chemicals, and Radiation are the key Detoxosodes.

I always start with a drainage remedy. This clears the organs and body systems and prepares the body for a deeper cleansing. Typically, reactions are mild and short-lived; they last for minutes to several hours or days. Rarely do they last longer than a few days.

The typical reactions are:

  1. bowel problems including diarrhea, maybe constipation, possibly some nausea
  2. headaches and dizziness
  3. joint pain
  4. flu-like symptoms
  5. tiredness
  6. skin issues such as rashes or pimples
  7. sleeping problems
  8. emotional reactions: irritability, depression, inability to handle stress
  9. and, you can have an aggravation of any existing symptoms