Detoxification Combination Homeopathics

A Xenobiotic is a material not produced by the body, and thus foreign to it. Xenobiotics is the terminology for isodes as described by the HPUS: isodes, sometimes called Detoxodes, are homeopathic attenuations of botanical, zoological, or chemical substances that interfere with homoeostasis. Xenobiotics are designed to assist with body detoxification by freeing toxins from binding sites in the body. Each Xenobiotic provides an array of isodes and other attenuated agents along with classical and non-classical remedies relevant to the intoxication or infection targeted by the product. Potencies of individual agents range from very low (2X) to very high (1000X), as appropriate in the blend and desired action of the formula.

  • Identify and remove causative factors and obstacles to healing
  • Improve cellular respiration for increased energy
  • Strengthen your system so it can tolerate toxin elimination
  • Improve drainage
  • Draw out toxins by stimulating the immune system.