Chemical Toxins can Cause Many Problems

Listen to this story, it will let you know how deeply in the soup all of us are in this toxic polluted environment in which we all live.

One of my clients calls me in the spring and tells me how her hip and leg are killing her with pain. She went to her doctor and he gave her a steroid — that’s the most he could offer her. I began the process of finding out what could be causing the pain and she told me that she just got a new car.

Now, understand, I know what these toxins are doing and I told her that her new car’s interior was outgasing a load of chemicals. I also treated her ear with ear acupuncture and her pain disappeared by 90%. In a few days she was good as new: I had given her the homeopathic remedies for chemical toxins.

She just came in today racked with pain in her hip again. She tells me the story that yesterday she painted her daughter’s bedroom closet. She started at 3 PM and by 7 PM her hip was killing her. She did not use paint that had no volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) in it.

It even gets better. During the summer they had put a sealant down and she got the pain again.

Now, can she tell this story to anyone who would not think that she is goofy? That answer is no.

People, you need to understand how dangerous this stuff is and the amount of problems it causes. Unfortunately this is all below the radar screen.


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