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Now, Learn How You Can Increase Your Bottom Line Profits with Your Clients and Also Earn a Good Income by Referring Others to the BioMedAcademy Health Coach Program

Dr. Gregory Ellis recently launched the BioMedAcademy Health Coach Program to train practitioners in the use of energy medicine including homeopathy, whole body needleless acupuncture, and ear acupuncture. Included in the e-courses are an iphone app for measuring heart rate variability and also Dr. Ellis’s Body Composition Program.

Health Coaching is booming today but most programs are teaching nutrition and doing nothing in the field of energy medicine and health evaluation.

Health coaches come from many different fields of expertise and include Health professionals such as counselors, social workers, health education specialists, nutritionists, psychologists, nurses, respiratory therapists, physical therapists, pharmacists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, personal trainers and oriental medicine practitioners.

How to Earn More Income — Join The BioMedAcademy Affiliate Program


Our Affiliate Program enables serious entrepreneurs to make a great living, while allowing part-timers to build a solid second income.

As a BioMedAcademy Affiliate, you’re well on your way to earning significant income by promoting our e-courses including the Persistent Organic Pollutant Health Coach Certification Course, the Body Composition Course, and the HRV Course.

Here’s what you’ll earn…

• Earn 50% of the $995.00 for each new POP Health Coach Certification Course your referrals take.
• Earn 50% of the $195.00 each for the Body Comp and HRV courses that your referrals take, all tracked by your affiliate ID number.

Earn commissions from 2 tiers of income through sales made by your own team of affiliates. We pay 5% on the 2nd tier of affiliates.

I have 9 learning modules in the Persistent Organic Pollutants Course for our Level 1 Certification. These include:

• The health hazards of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs)
• Mitochondrial dysfunction
• Energy Medicine
• Homeopathy
• Drainage or detoxification
• Metabolic Diseases Caused by POPs
• All About Traditional Chinese Medicine and Electro-Meridian Evaluation as an Advanced Form of Acupuncture
• Auriculotherapy or Ear Acupuncture
• Expectations
• Additional courses include Body Composition and Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and I just added Double Helix Water.

Heart Rate Variability

• The FitnesScore system provides a quantitative assessment of the level of physical fitness. The evaluation is based on the most precise and comprehensive method available to exercise physiology today: analysis of Heart Rate Variability (HRV).
• HRV, or variability of beat-to-beat interval length, is recognized as a reliable indicator of the fitness condition. The fitness assessment is based on a simple
3-4 minute lying-to-standing test.
• FitnesScore is suitable for a broad range of customers: from top athletes to the sick and the elderly and can be used by personal trainers and exercise physiologists as well as by individual clients. The system can be used for initial evaluation, monitoring the progress and providing immediate feedback on any changes to the fitness condition.


• This allows a personal trainer or exercise physiologist to optimize the training program by choosing the most effective approach for a particular client.
• The system has a client database where information about each client and their tests is stored. Fitness professionals should interpret the test results and determine any changes to a fitness program.
• A comprehensive initial evaluation provides valuable information for the personal trainer or exercise physiologist to design a personalized program. The system is so sensitive that it can detect changes in the fitness level within the first week of implementation of a new program. A personal trainer can measure the client’s response to the new program and see how effective it is.

Body Composition

The Somatogram is a display of the person’s body shape and is a main and unique feature of the body composition program.



You can take the e-courses without being a member, but access to the use of the body comp requires that you become a member ($19.00 per month recurring).
For HRV you will order tests directly from the Fitness Score app on the iphone.

After each course there is a knowledge check and in passing the test you will receive Level 1 Certification from the Academy. After you are certified and become a member, you will then be eligible to contact our sponsoring companies and buy the products directly from them and receive a professional discount.


The site will have product protocols that you use for your clients.

The products I recommend will improve:
• Cellular Energy
• Detox for Environmental Pollutants
• and perform Drainage

You’ll learn what all this means and how to do it in the e-course.